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Link logging

Assorted links from this week. I’ve also been reading a book on Epicurean Philosophy called The Swerve. It has been enjoyable and interesting so far. Also, weirdly apt reading for this day and age, perhaps?

Venusian Habitable Climate Scenarios: Modeling Venus Through Time and Applications to Slowly Rotating Venus‐Like Exoplanets

Evaluating several snapshots in time over the past 4+ billion years, we show that Venus could have sustained liquid water and moderate temperatures for most of this period.

Venus was shockingly habitable until fairly recently…geologically speaking.

Horseradish history

More recent appreciation of horseradish is believed to have originated in Central Europe, the area also linked to the most widely held theory of how horseradish was named. In German, it’s called meerrettich” (sea radish) because it grows by the sea. Many believe the English mispronounced the German word meer” and began calling it mareradish.” Eventually it became known as horseradish. The word horse” (as applied in horseradish”) is believed to denote large size and coarseness. Radish” comes from the Latin radix meaning root.

My 2nd fav. part of a Passover meal.

PicoWars - Advanced Wars DeMake

Advanced Wars was totally my jam on the GBA. This Pico8 demake totally captures the essence of the game. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with it, and combing through the code over the last week.

Also, demakes are a cool scene.

Sourdough Bread

We ran out of flour a few weeks ago, but I am very excited to get back to baking. We placed a bulk order a few weeks ago and it should be ready soon! I’ve got big plans for sourdough baking.


I am completely smitten by the few issues of this news letter. Lisp and forth!?

This week I’ve also been working my way back through Practical Common Lisp. If you are at all interested in lisp, I highly recommend this one!

Why is CSS so hard

Tbh, I’m adding this piece here mostly because I feel like it doesn’t answer the question it posses — it draws attention to some of CSS many weird edges, but doesn’t really get to the root of why it is so…let’s go with weird” in place of hard, maybe?

Facebook reportedly had evidence that its algorithms were dividing people, but top executives killed or weakened proposed solutions

Ya’ll…Facebook is real garbage. Total garbage. Completely and absolutely garbage.

Deep Space Nine: The Trek spinoff that saved the day by staying put

The show’s unique ability to look back on human history from the future” offers a perspective that other pandemic-centered movies and shows available now simply can’t broach. DS9s challenge: can we employ smart decision-making today to ensure that we’ll make it to tomorrow?