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Meet the Maker: Sissy Moon Ceramics. I went to undergrad with Sinda. I want to make things on the web like she makes cermamics.

PN: One of the defining features of your work and Sissy Moon in general is the playfulness. That playfulness feels quite deliberate. Why is playfulness so important?

SK: Playfulness is important because life is crazy. Seriousness is bland at best and suffocating at worst. There’s a lot of heaviness in our lives. Humor and fun help us breathe.

PN: Based on your own experience, is there any advice can you pass along to other artists and makers?

SK: Make high quality work and make it from your own heart.

I think I enjoy Batman: The Animated Series for the same reason many folks enjoy fine pens, nice watches, and Apple products. I find watching BTAS an amazing experience not necessarily because of the narrative (e.g. usefulness?”), but because of the craftsmanship and attention to detail evident in the animation, voice acting, and sound design. The show represents a sea-change in the type of storytelling cartoons could do on network and cable television. I’ve enjoyed spending time on micro.blog and getting to see and learn about the types of things other folks love, and why. The little things that other folks don’t consider important, but to some are pivotal.