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Interesting discovery of the evening: it looks like Firefox will soon be sending all DNS through Cloudflare to enforce DNS-over-HTTPS.

I guess this is good because it obscures DNS queries from ISPs, but maybe bad because it pipes all Firefox traffic through Cloudflare? Having mixed feelings.

While this behavior is on by default, it can be disabled in settings.

mozilla wiki:Trusted Recursive Resolver

Weird discovery of the day: if my USB C dongle thing is plugged into the rear USB C port on my work laptop (a MacBook Pro w/escape key), and my wireless keyboard’s USB receiver is plugged into the dongle I notice terrible latency while typing. If, however, the dongle is plugged into the forward port? No more latency! I mentioned this to a coworker with the exact same computer. They’ve noticed the same behavior, but flipped 🤷‍♂️