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Black Friday, that special time of year where I unsubscribe from as many email lists as I can. 📧 💀

In reply to: Marcelo Marfil - A love letter to emails

And at that point, I realized the problem was never the medium. Emails were designed to be nothing but a way to exchange messages between people. It was we who tried to turn it into some sort of hub for all of our junk.

Over the last week I’ve received 3 emails from folks asking me if I have any interest in posting sponsored content for them. I don’t have much interest in doing this, but I’m curious a) how they found my blog, b) why they think my posting content for them is worth their while (I don’t use analytics, but judging by server traffic, I can’t have more than a couple hundred visitors a week, at most) beyond potentially boosting search visibility, and c) is this really a job!?