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That’s it, all I wanted to do was gush about how much I love low spec consumer grade laptops.

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Some interesting insights on the architecture of Raspberry Pi. Namely that Linux runs on top of another, closed source, operating system called ThreadX on Raspberry Pi. ThreadX was recently purchased by Microsoft.

By no means a deal breaker, for me, but a nice insight into the architectural interconnectedness of modern computing and how inescapable some giants are.

Weird discovery of the day: if my USB C dongle thing is plugged into the rear USB C port on my work laptop (a MacBook Pro w/escape key), and my wireless keyboard’s USB receiver is plugged into the dongle I notice terrible latency while typing. If, however, the dongle is plugged into the forward port? No more latency! I mentioned this to a coworker with the exact same computer. They’ve noticed the same behavior, but flipped 🤷‍♂️