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iOS automation question

iOS Shortcut gurus: is there a way to Run Script Over SSH with a key rather than a password? 🔑

I would love to see the logic iOS uses when determining where to output a call’s audio. Whenever I get a call it rings on my phone, computer, and watch at the same time. Often times I’m wearing wireless headphones that can pair to any of those three devices, but that are most often paired with my phone. I usually accept the call on my watch, but the audio is immediately available to my headphones.


The Workflow app on iOS is simultaneously magical and maddening.

In reply to: Flutter - Beautiful native apps in record time

I’ve been reading a bit about flutter, a tool for cross platform development in Dart. I am intrigued…mostly because I think it may be a trojan horse. I think that beside iOS and Android as build targets, flutter will be able to build against Fuchsia down the road. It could be a way of coaxing/easing devs into the Fuchsia/Dart ecosystem.

😭 needing to launch Xcode and build an app to take 1 screen shot. At least I don’t need to take them at every screen size anymore.