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One reason for the tabletop-gaming boom is simply that the products have improved. The best modern games are sociable, engaging and easy to learn, but also cerebral, intriguing and difficult to master. The slow triumph of what used to be called β€œnerd culture” — think smartphone gaming and β€œGame of Thrones” on television β€” has given adults permission to engage openly in pastimes that were previously looked down on as juvenile. And the increasing ubiquity of screens has, paradoxically, fuelled a demand for in-person socialising. Board gaming is another example of an old-style, analogue pastime that, far from being killed by technology, has been reinvigorated by it.

…the prevalence of screens has made people keener to connect in person. Board games offer the sort of social experience that no amount of FaceTime, Skype or Destiny can quite replace.

Oh, taxonomies and naming…

  • Fragment (aka florp): The server serving the entire HTML bulk, CSS etc.β€Šβ€”β€Šessentially a full page
  • Particle (aka glorp): Shared parts of the page that need to be loaded synchronously
  • Tag: Asynchronously loaded shared parts of the page

All of these table-top game systems look awesome. I’m particularly interested in microscope, which gives players the ability to play a LARGE, temporily sprawling game in the scope of an afternoon.

Look at it this way: If Godzilla emerged from the ocean and laid waste to Houston, then a week later did the same in the Caribbean, and then attacked Miami with atomic breath, the US government would learn to build giant Godzilla-fighting mech suits lickety-split. β€œWe’ve had two outlier, extreme hurricanes back to back. If that doesn’t raise red flags, I don’t know what would,” Kossin says.

Pedometer++ is one of my absolute favorite apps. Version 3.0 does not disappoint! It brings some really great new features and polish to an already rock-solid app. I have noticed some performance issues associated with this new version, but I’m certain they’ll be ironed out ASAP.

This tool is heaps useful if you ever need to create launchd.plist files