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Last night I read Goldie Vance vol 2, and Unworthy Thor vol 1. A weird but enjoyable pairing.

  • Goldie Vance, setting!
    • What drew me to vol 1 of this series was the setting, the same is true for vol 2. While the characters are a bit flat, the setting feels rich and fully formed. The series so far has done a good job revealing the setting through the story itself, rather than through explicit exposition which is often the case in comics
  • Thor, art! …and goats 🐑
    • This book was weird, self effacing, and fun. It also features a murderous, yet obedient goat 🐐. The entire volume is fast paced, moving quickly to its conclusion. I can’t imagine I would have liked this series heaps if I had read it week to week, but in trade it was fun — a quick, more or less thoughtless read. I was struck by the art and panel choreography. I have terrible eyesight so read most comics on an iPad these days. I’m typically happy with comixology’s guided view, but I kept zooming out to see the whole spread across pages throughout this book because they were so interesting. The art is clear (e.g. readable) but frenetic at the same time. I enjoyed Unworthy Thor a lot more than I anticipated.