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I realized this morning why I’m put off by super hero movies. They are fun, and I’ve always loved comic books, but the super hero movies of the last decade specifically, (I mean, beside being military propaganda) totally omit the potential future of any sort of utopia. They cannot envision their own undoing.

The stories are predicated on the super heros always needing something to be super against, despite having fantastical abilities to help usher in some sort of utopia…they end in punching. The zeitgeist is saturated by super heros that reinforce the systems they work to protect folks from and endless stories of dystopian collapse.

I guess I am looking for utopian stories these days — stories that can see and spell the way towards a better future.

In reply to: Hypercritical: Top Gun

It taught me the power of well-chosen words to shake people out of their daily routines and patterns of thought. It showed me that all jobs, no matter how seemingly dull, can be an outlet for self-expression and excellence. And it reminds me, to this day, that each work of art can be—deserves to be—considered from multiple points of view, not all of which will be comfortable.

My favorite media of 2018

This is a list of my favorite media from 2018. It didn’t all necessarily come out in 2018, but it came to me in 2018.