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How to make form fillable PDFs with Markdown and LaTeX

Here is a quick guide I pulled together this morning that explains how I use Pandoc to make really simple form fillable PDFs.

Nothing gorgeous, but a useful trick if you are ever in a pinch and need a fillable PDF fast.

Link logging

I haven’t done a link log in ages. Here is a miniature one for you!

A few years ago Tova digitized a collection of poems that her great grandfather wrote. She then got the scans printed and bound as a gift for her mother. This evening, at my mother-in-law’s request, I made a little website of those poems. It was a fun project I was able to tackle in about an hour.

First I uploaded the PDF to and Google Drive, then I used pdf2htmlEX to convert the PDF into a webpage. I then threw together a little wrapper webpage to make pdf2htmlEX’s output a tiny bit prettier, and published the whole kit-and-caboodle using