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After weeks of not having Bluetooth on my computer I finally figured out what was wrong today. The USB dongle was sitting on the floor…instead of, you know, being plugged into the back of the computer 🤦‍♂️

Last night I decided to explore other task management solutions. I migrated all my todos from TodoTxt to Notion. After playing with Notion for a bit I then migrated all my tasks to Microsoft’s todo thingy-app…not wanting to break my streak I then migrated my tasks to my self-hosted trello clone. After playing around with that for a bit I figured why not just use emacs” and then re-formatted all of my TodoTxt tasks into Org-mode…so now I have all my tasks across a whole heap of platforms and I feel obligated to maintain them across all of them until I make a choice. WHAT HAVE I DONE!?

The hills one decides to die on as a parent: If you don’t finish this banana we’re not going to be able to leave the house,” said me…desperate to leave the house.

Tonight was one of "those" nights

Tova, Avi and I went for a bike ride.

We started by biking to the grocery store to pickup some salad fixings for a dinner we’re going to tomorrow. At the grocery store we had a little snack and potty break. Because the weather was so nice outside we decided to bike to a nearby playground where we all had a blast. Mid-playground session we got a text from a friend that she and her daughters were headed to an outdoor concert nearby, so we hopped back on to our bikes and rode to meet them.

We caught the tail end of the concert and enjoyed a lovely picnic with some buddies. Afterwards we swung by their house to use the bathroom and get some water. At this point it was nearing 8 and starting to get dark, so, we mounted our bikes and had a cool evening ride home, biking along the back cove under a pink sunset.

We got home to find Bashi, our beloved dog, happily waiting for us by the door. This is always a bad sign. Usually she’s asleep. She sleeps like 80% or everyday (it’s a hound thing, 🤷‍♂️). Inside we were met with one tiny shred of the evidence of her wrong doing (100% our fault). She’d eaten 2 entire bars of 100% dark chocolate…

After a brief scramble and some quick phone calls we coaxed her into eating a bit of food laced with hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting.

This is where we made our first mistake. Rather than immediately take her outside I ran upstairs to grab a hoody…because I’m a sissy and I live in Maine. As I came back down the stairs she barfed a biblical deluge of a barf. I cannot stress how much liquid erupted from our poor stinky hound. It was monumental. As Tova and I stood there, awestruck, Avi happily played with some wooden trains.

After the dazzlement waned a bit I girded my loins (and my feet) and got to cleaning…at which point Avi chimed in do you need some sunscreen daddy!?”

…while Tova and I were bamboozled by barf Avi’s attention had shifted from his toy trains to some moisturizer.

He, our living room rug, and our couch are all now well moisturized. Thoroughly lubricated.

Tonight was one of those nights. It was a blast, it was spontaneous and it was messy. Everyone is cleaned up now, Bashi seems a-okay, and the floor is newly cleaned.

The perils of running a hackintosh: my machine seems to have choked mid-update. Now I can’t boot the machine into safe or recovery modes. Trying a fresh install now, but that too seems to have gotten hung up 🤔

I’m helping a friend set up a website for a workshop they’re running. Can anyone recommend a registration system? For a variety of reasons they don’t want to use squarespace, but are looking to support event registration, discount codes, etc.

Life with a hackintosh…might be time to wipe everything and start new 😬

45 minutes into life with a hackintosh…need to reinstall the OS. Whoops! 🤦‍♂️

😭 needing to launch Xcode and build an app to take 1 screen shot. At least I don’t need to take them at every screen size anymore.