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Baba yaga ghanoush

This week I watched a heap more television than I usually do. Highlights include (and, tbh, are limited to):

  • A bunch of Adventure Time,” because sleep, FTW!
  • Netflix’s IO.” It was interesting. More of a meditation than a narrative. Not as sci-fi as I had hoped. Indie AF.
  • Watched episode 2, season 2 of Star Trek Discovery.” It was very good. Its vibe was heaps Start Trek-y. Perhaps even peak Star Trek-y! It was as heady as the best episodes of TNG, while maintaining a modern sensibility (e.g. it was wicked watchable).

Beside rotting my brain on beautiful moving images, I also got to host the first meeting for the D&D group I’ve been invited to GM! I’m wicked excited…mostly because I’m a giant dork and love tabletop roleplaying games a lot, also because it is a weird honor to be invited to GM by a group of mostly strangers.

The big” non-work related task of the week has been migrating my website off of WebFaction (grrr) and onto blot.im (HOORAY!). Blot…still wicked good.

This week we also welcomed a 12.9″ iPad Pro into our family. It is gorgeous. It replaces Tova’s 5ish year old MacBook Air. She is very proud of it and very pleased.

Now I will eat. I made Baba ghanoush. I love Baba ghanoush. Aubergine is a more fitting name than Eggplant.” What is eggy about this plant? Surely its most striking feature is its color and not its eggyness. 🍆

Here is a song called Aubergine that I think is v. good.

This evening I re-watched Ridley Scott’s Legend for the first time in ages. I forgot what a strange movie it is, and I wonder why I don’t see more references to it? While not amazing by any means, I’d say it is a solid film. Some points that stood out to me during this re-watching:

  • It stars a young, pantless Tom Cruise (for real, I don’t think he ever puts pants on)
  • It is oh oh oh so very windy throughout the entire film (even indoors)
  • It is next-level in its Ridley Scottyness, especially the audio-landscape of the film. Its ambiance feels sort of like Blade Runner in how loud everything is.
  • The bad guys mostly speak in rhyme