Documenting my on going exploration of a whole variety of lisp and lisp-like languages. This is a list of lisps that I've played with.

So far, the only ones that have really stuck are Common Lisp and Janet (and I guess Elisp, but that is more of a necessity under Emacs than a true love).

Common Lisp

This is the one that started it all for me. My first lispy love.

  1. SBCL

    There are many implementations, but sbcl is the one I tend to go to first.

  2. CLISP

Pico Lisp


Whilst I pretend to be a lisper, Elisp is the lisp I've written the most. It is the lisp that lives inside of Emacs.


Racket is one of the more popular contemporary lisps. The dev tooling and documentation is solid (perhaps better said "dreamy?" … I'm smitten with it), and a great place to get started learning a lisp. I've heard it described as the Python of schemes.


Scheme is Common Lisps "simpler" cousin. I have tried very hard to get into it, but haven't ever really groked it. That may be because I've spent a whole heap of time jumping between a bunch of different implementations instead of actually learning 1 well.

Here are a few that I've jumped between.

  1. Chez

  2. Guile

  3. Gauche


  4. Gambit

  5. Gerbil

  6. Chicken

  7. Biwascheme


These aren't all strictly speaking "lisps," some are more lisp-like…some just look like lisp but aren't even really lisp like.

  1. Janet

    Janet is a weird little lisp that doesn't really have lists…much like fennel. I'm still much a fan.

  2. Fennel

    luafun and lume

  3. Wisp

    Complete API docs for Wisp

  4. fe

    fe, very very tiny