Whenever possible I prefer to write literate programs. My go to tool for doing this is Emacs' org-mode and org-babel.

Combine, org-mode and org-babel allow me to write plaintext documents with embedded code snippets. When properly configured, org-babel allows these code snippets to be run directly from within the document.

Here is a simple script to convert my file into html using pandoc.

pandoc -o index.html

I am able to run that snippet directly from within my file to create an html version of the same file. A slightly more verbose version of this same snippet is used to generate this webpage. That script appears above, under the heading "Emet."

The first line declares a code block, and defines the language org-babel should use for highlighting and running the snippet.

The third bit is different from language to language, here it is a file path.

#+BEGIN_SRC shell ~/Playground/org-wiki

The next bit is the code itself, and the closing bit simply ends the code block.

For more info on org-babel check out these webpages: